1 out of every 4 patients in Hospice is a Veteran.*

The Veterans Honoring Veterans is a group of Veteran volunteers under the Veterans Heart Group, Inc. (501 c 3 nonprofit) who have committed to attending a local hospice organization We Honor Veterans pinning ceremony when called upon to do so. The We Honor Veterans program is a national program where various hospice programs participate and honor Veterans who are in hospice. It was estimated that one out of every four people in hospice was a Veteran several years ago. Our focus is to ensure that a Veteran is present to let the Veteran in hospice know that the Veteran community cares and to also offer any support to the Veteran and spouse that we possibly can. It is not uncommon to find Veterans, spouses, and dependents who have no knowledge of possible benefits or even where to turn to start the process.

We at the Veterans Heart Group try to pair our Veterans volunteer’s military branch to those who are in hospice and in most cases also offer valuable information to the Veteran, spouse and dependents on subjects like Veterans benefits and Honor Guard contacts:

Veterans who volunteer with The Veterans Heart Group are NOT considered full time volunteers to any hospice organization and are not required to do any volunteer work at any of the hospice facilities. Depending on the size of the Veteran population in the area a volunteer with The Veterans Heart Group may expect to be called upon once every 30 to 40 days or so. The time that is required depends on the time it takes to drive to the Pinning location plus the 30 minutes to an hour spent at the place that the pinning ceremony is being conducted, this often takes place in the Veterans home.

Once a Veteran volunteers, they are added to a call roster held by The Veterans Heart Group. When a pinning ceremony is scheduled by the hospice staff and the Veterans Heart Group is notified a call will be made to a Veteran on the call roster that matches the Veteran in hospice. At this time, the Veteran will be given the date, time and location along with the branch of service. Names are not given due to HIPPA laws.

Our Veterans Honoring Veterans program has been highly successful in making personal connections with Veterans and their families who are in hospice facilities. We also provide helpful information in assisting the hospice organization with a various range of topics such as benefits, Veteran Service Office connections and other information pertaining to Veterans. The Veterans Heart Group also helps the hospice organization to meet several of the “We Honor Veterans” requirements. Our Veteran volunteers come from local established Veterans organizations and help make a stronger Veteran/ hospice connection in the local community.

If you are a Veteran or a hospice organization who would like to see how you can be a part of the Veterans Honoring Veterans program or how we can help your hospice achieve some of the requirements in the “We Honor Veterans “ program please contact us today.

*According to VA and national Hospice Association Statistics